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Who is Armando Peralta ........

An Artist Full of Passion

I grew up with a focus on my spanish roots as a child music Lived within me I always thought and dreamed in sound, rhythm, and beats. I uncovered my passion for music during my first guitar when I was 8 and lived in Altoona Pennsylvania . From that point on, I was involved in Church Choir,  and song writing in High School I was the Lead singer of our Rock Band at the age of 17. I also learned to play the piano and ukulele in my spare time.  

A Man Who Shares an Important Message ..Lets Love Each Other

 I originally followed my dream to California in 1984 attending Musicans Institute and Currently Im also Following a dream to Finish my Under Graduate Degree in Legal Studies and Religion at Harvard University thru their  Faculty of Arts and Sciences. I attend both online as well as I spend a semester at a time on Campus Apart from that my Passion is my Beautiful Dogs Lola and Sir Sasha the 2nd  I write my lyrics and produce my songs in my home  and am Building a Beautiful Recording . I love collaborating with other artists and polishing my personal Style creating a diverse and original pallet for my trademark style and genre of music.

A Catalyst for Compassion Thru Philanthropy and his Art

The streets of LA and late night where I lived and performed for 12 years where also very Challenging . Apart from Spending 18 months in the last 2 years living in an RV helping the Homeless I founded One Family Cares Foundation and Spearheaded a Peace Corps for the Homeless .

My Beautiful loving loyal until the end and even beyond death Best Friend Sasha are the theme of a Major Motion Picture Currently in Production titled "Forever and Again .Our Film  tells the story based on true events of the Challenges of a Musican trying to bring his art to the world whilst encountering all the obstacles along that road and in the end ending up Homeless with his best friend Living in an Rv in the Streets of LA.

He then uses it as an opportunity to help those many in worse circumstances than himself to uplift even saving the lives of some who would end it from the unbearable pain they must endure living a life devoid of love and full of hardships .It truly tells the story of Humanity today on many levels from  family dynamics I personally experienced in a day and age where the family core has disintegrated .

This is the true story as I outline in the film of the Hows and whys people have become so disenfranchised many abandoned from their families and literally "Thrown away" for some compelling and others unnecessary reasons . 

I find inspiration all around me.I try to make my music representative of myself and my Love


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